Sunday, March 8, 2009

What happend to the STF

Sri Lanka Army is heading towards the LTTE last bastion and the remain area is almost less than 40 square kilometers for today. Although the three Special Forces regiments were kept reserved during entire wanni humanitarian operations, 2 Commando regiments are operating in the front line. 1-commando regiment is heading toward Pudumathalan via chalai with Brigadier Prasanna Silva, commander 55 division and the 2-commando regiment is reaching the east of Puthukudierippu with Brigadier Shavendra Silva, commander of 58 division. Although they were kept reserver, the SF units were called upon to action when it was tough for regular infantry units to hold the defence line as well as special operation were required deep inside the enemy territory. Day by day, we hear heroic stories of these Commando and Special Forces units and they have become the immortal in the hearts of the every peace loving citizen in Sri Lanka. I think that they deserve that honor because until today, LTTE was not able to over run any defence line held by those Commando and SF units and almost all the assaults, operations, ambushes conducted by those units were a success.

But the problem is what happened to the nation's third elite unit, the Special Task Force. They were the nightmare of the LTTE decade ago and their ability was able to bring the fear to the heart of the enemy even for the heads of the LTTE. But today we are hearing the news of inability of STF and they have proven that they are not such deadly now as they were five or six years ago. Recently, a STF unit was assaulted by the LTTE while they gathered around a fire and couple of months ago, LTTE were operating 600m ahead of a STF camp in Trincomelie and those terrorist were gunned down by SF not STF. These people are the hub of VIP protection but I think that if a well planed ambush occurs for any VIP convoy, I am pretty sure that these STF people may not be able to overcome the situation.

I am not saying that these people are not talented but they did not show their colors when they get a chance to do so. Almost decade ago, we have no idea of commando and SF units but only elite units we knew was STF and I can not forget how they stopped the LTTE Rajagiriya attack. Finally we hope that the STF will keep their standards and will regain honor they lost couple of years ago

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