Friday, March 13, 2009

Train tracking and elephant catching

If my memory is in order, we started a train tracking project with the help ofDr. Kasun De Zoysa . Certainly it is not a complete project as our final year one but it was mini project for the subject of Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Networks. We used micaz s ensor equipments and Tiny OS as our hardware and software platforms. After getting the permission from the Railway Department, we carried out our first experiment as Fort railway station and the second one at Bambalapitiya station. Our team was Chamara, Dhanuska, Girisha, and I. Girisha was not a member of our group but he helped us a lot because he is the only person who has a LapTop with a serial port. Still we haven’t come into conclusion about the results of our experiments but the experiments were funny and interesting.

Today I got a chance to go to the Dehiwala Zoo because Girisha was going to record elephants’ infrasonic sound. It is his final year project and we recorder sounds of an African elephant as well as Asian elephants. We faced some unforgettable incidents when we setting up the equipments and I was never be such close to an elephant in my life. The results of the recording are not yet released and I hope the train experiment will be a success as well as I wish Girisha good luck.

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