Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sri Lanka Cricket team attacked in Lahore by terroists

Sri Lanka cricket team was attacked by the terrorists today morning when they are arriving Lahore Gadafi stadium for the third day of second test match. I was really shocked when I got the news alert from DailyMirror and even the friends who are not known as cricket fans also shocked by sudden incident. Initially we didn’t have any information about the damage caused to the team but by means of couple of minutes, we got to know that the six team members are suffering from minor injuries. Mahela, Kumar, Ajantha, Thilan, Vass and the news opening batsman paranawithana who just took his debut in this series were among the wounded. More than ten terrorists (12) have come to the attack and they have came for the liberty circle by a white van. They have brought load of weapons including rocket loungers as well as graneds. They started the action with firing rocket and exploding grandes. The tyres of the bus which carried the players were initially shot and then they started to fire to the inside of the bus. However the driver has driven the bus to the safe location mid gun firing and the players laid down in the bus to prevent from bullets. The incident caused five lives of Pakistani policeman and the Sri Lanka team was evacuated from stadium by helicopters. While I am typing this, the cricket team is on their way to the Sri Lanka and all the players are safe except minor injuries.
Although nobody have claimed the responsibility of the attack there are some obvious reasons to such attack. Sri Lanka team went to Pakistan just because the Indian cricket team refused to go there. On the otherhand Pakistan is a closer friend of Sri Lanka with respect to the military because they provide us a lot of arms as well as training. In addition groups like Al-Quida want to attack Pakistan and stop its normal day to day life because Pakistan has deals with USA the rival of Al-Quida.

Anyway our team will be safe at home by tomorrow morning and this incident again proves that the terrorism is ruthless.

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