Sunday, July 13, 2008

My literature survey (Programming Models for Multi-Core Processors)

I submitted my literature survey couple of weeks ago and now waiting for the result because the result will decide my future. I found well-known person in my university as my supervisor for the survey who is Dr. Nalin Ranasinghe. Nobody of my batch conducts surveys under him but I was brave enough to select him as the supervise (Ha ha ha haaaaa....) by surprising a lot my friends. I was one of out of four members who took the Computer Architecture course module done by Dr. Nalin. But none of us got more than a C+ for that subject. But I do not blame the teacher because it should be our fault that we did not have good results. So far I was not able to find anything wrong with him but if it is lower that B for my survey, the whole story will be changed because I know I did it well.


Daminda said...

You were so brave to select Dr Nalin as Supervisor and his course unit to follow on. But Dr. Nalin is a true and genuine person. I'm telling this facts according to my experience.
Good Luck Don't afraid you have some potential to achieve unseen goals.

Nishantha said...

It may be true ayya because I have got A- for the survey.