Monday, July 14, 2008

Me, the GSOC student

I was able to be selected as a Google Summer of Code 2008(GSOC) student for the SAHANA organization which is the company where I have my internship. Gsoc2008 started on May and it will be closed on September this year. This is the first time that I involve in a large scale project (in my level) and it is a instant messaging (chat) application for the sahana disaster management system. This web based chat application is a hell of Javascript and some amount of PHP in addition it has to be integrated to the existing sahana GUI. One of the interesting problem I have faced is the caching functionality of web browsers. Because if a particular page is requested frequently then the browser caches the page. But the problem occurs when requesting the page after doing some simple changes. The browser still gives the cached page and the only solution I found is to clear the cache by time to time. I found this matter with IE7 and firefox3 browsers.

My gsoc mentor is Prabath and he also a former gsoc student graduated from the UCSC. So far I am doing well with my project and if SAHANA team requests ,I hope to develop it further. We had several gsoc parties and more parties are yet to come. But there are people in my side who still did not receive a treat from me. Don't worry because you will have it soon.

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