Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank God because Mahela is back

Today, Mahela Jayawardana steered the Kings IX Punjab to the victory over Decan Chargers. He scored 43 runs and took two stunning catches hence became the man of the match. I writing this blog post not because I am a support if Kings team but I am very happy because Mahela is back in action and we can hope a lot more to Sri Lanka from this world class stylish right handerd batsman. I never ever consider Mahela as an ordinary batsman but I think he is an intelligent batsmen. Because nobody can predicts from which location the ball is going to cross the boundary when the Mahela in action as a batsman. He is such class and this classic batsman have become one of the most technically sound cricketers in the world today. The most interesting thing I like to see in Mahela's batting is the movement of his feet, He uses that elegantly and play wonderful drives along the ground. But he is not a batsman who has been categorized as off side or leg side batsman because he is strong in both areas. Finnaly I am really anticipated for couple of fine nocks from Mahela Jayawardana soon.

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